VANCOUVER BABY PHOTOGRAPHER-10 month old baby planner!

This little gal is the daughter of some very close friends of ours. I was honoured to be asked to photograph her as a newborn and now again as a 10 month old. We had hoped to do a 6 month session, but this year has been so bad for sickness we didn’t get a chance for her session until she was 10 months old. We did this a few weeks ago now, but I went down with the flu the other week and am back playing catch up again as a result! I cannot wait for cold and flu season to be over with this year. I never get sick this often! In any case, I’m back to blogging and I have a lot more to share with you all! Thanks so much for the patience of all my clients and friends who have been kind enough to not push me too hard to rush things that they are wanting.

Here is a comparison shot to show how she has grown since you all saw her last!

Sometimes there are little things we forget about our babies and I love it when I capture what I think will be one of those special memories that will come rushing back during family story time at parties and events. This sweet heart has one foot bigger than the other. As a result her one small foot is always losing a shoe or slipping out of it while she furniture walks. I love that I captured that little nuance in this shot and I hope her parents look back and remember the little things that fade and change so quickly.

Her favourite set up was when we played with the blanket. Babies this age seem to LOVE playing with this particular blanket. I wish the store still had them stocked because I would be snatching them up now that I know how much fun it brings for babies haha! Moments before this she was overtired and crying and as soon as she got a good game of peekaboo in she was all smiles!


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