VANCOUVER BABY PHOTOGRAPHER-More Watch Me Grow Babies are finishing their plans!

Another Watch Me Grow Collection baby is all grown up!  They grow so much in a year that many people want to capture each of the three main milestone ages.  After that I usually only get to see them once a year or so for their yearly portrait sessions.  I miss seeing all the steps in between once they get to that point, but am so very grateful to be able to see it right before my eyes throughout that first year and I am honoured that families trust me to capture that important time for them.  This family was an absolute joy to work with and it didn’t hurt that they had such a GORGEOUS baby girl!

Her daddy is a police officer so they brought along her special forces rubber duckie.  One day it will be quite an intimidating feat to date this sweet girly haha!


One Year Old Photography

This photo is not something I would normally choose, but as soon as I caught it her parents told me that this is a face she was making all the time at this age.  I’m always so happy when their true personalities come through and I can capture these little things that get forgotten too soon.



Early pigtails on girls always melt my heart!  I remember waiting and waiting for our daughter’s hair to grow long enough and when it finally did, she would rip them out as soon as I could put them in haha!


Her parents chose to make their storyboard all from this session.  I don’t blame them!  She was hamming it up!

One Year Photography






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