It is a long story about how this session actually came to be, but long story short I booked everything with the female half of this gorgeous couple and I only realized when I showed up and met her fiance that I actually knew him quite well! We went kindergarten through grade 12 together and lived on the same street growing up. It’s very odd photographing someone you tried to dig to China with in your backyard and be serious haha! We almost made it buddy…halfway at LEAST!

I shot this session with my weddings business partner from Perfect Blend Photography (, Trina Letawsky so that we could play with some new lighting techniques I studied a little while ago when I was on Vancouver Island that require two of us. We were so glad we knew this couple better than we thought since we ended up being chased by raccoons through Stanley park during our whole session, which meant we spent a lot of time squealing and running around like fools hahaha! If you don’t know us, we will still squeal and run like fools if raccoons chase us during your session (we promise), we will just be more embarrassed about it.

See? Killer raccoons are chasing Trina because she tried to take a photo before she realized they are evil. (Sorry Trina, but people really need to see this. A lot.)

This has to be one of my favourite images Trina and I have ever created together! I give Trina total credit for it because all I did was hold a light for this, but it’s amazing how we just seem to work together effortlessly when we shoot.


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