Beach shooting is not something I am terribly used to as it is only nice enough here for a short time in the summer to do these sessions and when the days are nice enough the beaches can often get pretty crowded. We lucked out and got a great day at Jericho beach to photograph this family though and I was so happy with the photos we got which turned out to be a great mix to showcase the lush greenery of BC as well as the oceans meeting the mountains. This location is special to this couple as they live nearby and they got married here. We had a good time chatting and reminiscing about that since it is also where my husband and I got married so it’s a special place for our family too! It was just a perfect day to photograph such a beautiful family and this may well just be one of the cutest little girls I have ever laid eyes on. Thank you for coming to me for your family session!

I about died when she reached up and rested her little arm on her dad’s! Cuteness overload!


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