This little lady was in my studio last week with her Mom and Dad. She was just such a funny little girl already! I think she had some of the more hilarious facial expressions I have seen yet from a newborn and I loved trying to catch as many of them as I could! Sometimes it can be hard to tell if a newborn is a boy or girl, but this little one was so feminine and sweet, she was ALLLL girl! It made me just want to break out all of my pink and girly props. She wasn’t overly sleepy at first so we did some eyes open shots and as soon as we got her into a deep sleep and I bent down to place her on the blanket…the power went out! That was a first. As I freaked out on the inside about how I was going to handle a session in the dark, her parents were so wonderful and understanding about the situation. Thankfully the power came back on just as we were about to give up for the day and I am so glad it did because I got so many more precious shots of this sweet angel! Thanks so much for coming to me for your newborn session!

As I edited I just kept thinking about what she would be saying if she could talk (I may or may not have been editing late at night again haha!).

“Who? Me? You want to take myyyyy picture? Gee, I am so flattered!”

“It’th vewy challenging to thmile with no teef, but I’ll twy!”

“GAH! Oh. It’s just you Dad. You scared me”

Enough fun with outtakes now and onto some of the really cute stuff


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