VANCOUVER NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHER-Teeny tiny boy with a whole lot of cuteness!

This little guy came by the studio to visit me last week. I am pretty sure he is the smallest newborn I have met so far. He was born weighing 6lbs 10oz., but babies lose a little weight after they are born and when he came to me on his one week “birthday” he was about 6lbs. I could not BELIEVE how well he slept for me and his “big brother”, Benson the dog was equally calm for our session. The bond between all of the members in this family was just incredible and he is one lucky boy to be coming into the world with so many people who love him already! In contrast to his baby brother, Benson was probably the biggest chocolate lab I have ever met (and that’s saying something as I have volunteered with the SPCA since I was 8 off and on, worked at a vet, walked dogs and done pet sitting for years!). While I was trying to get a shot of the two of these boys together, Benson was so terrified of hurting his new baby that I knew this was the dog for me to pull of a shot I have been wanting to try for a long time. We waited until the end of our session and got everybody in position. I do want to let all photographers out there that this was a composite which means that the baby was being held on there at all times and the hands/arms/parents were later edited out in photoshop. Please do not EVER put a baby on a dog’s back for a photo unless you know what you are doing and that you are doing it safely! I cannot stress this enough. Sometimes as photographers we get excited about ideas, but baby safety needs to always come first. I have been waiting to do this shot for more reasons than knowing how to create a composite too. I understand a lot about dog behaviour and temperament. This shot only came together because it was the right dog, right family and right baby (or baby in the right sleepy mode I should say haha!). Thank you so much for coming to me for your newborn photos! It was a lot of fun and I hope to see you all again as this little peanut grows up!

Here it is!


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