VANCOUVER NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHER-You better not pout, you better not cry

Actually, this little guy’s pout is going to take him a long way! I can’t believe it was only just over 2 years ago I was photographing this cutie pie’s big sister when she was a newborn! Her parents were a bit worried about how she would cooperate for photos with her new baby brother since she hadn’t quite gotten over the shock of a new baby in the house. Fortunately for me she did VERY well and was a star model for me! She even got in a little bonding time with her brother so hopefully it will stick. New babies are quite the adjustment. He was just as good a model as his big sister was and it was so nice to visit with this family once again and get some sweet shots of the newest addition!

See what I mean about this pouty face? Lock your daughters ladies and gentlemen!


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