Where I’ve disappeared to…

I just wanted to update everyone in case you’re wondering where I’ve disappeared to haha!  My family and I bought a HOUSE!!!  We have purchased subject to sale of our place though so if we don’t sell our apartment in the next month the deal may fall through.  So I have had to limit my sessions while we pack and prepare for an open house and our listing which means the most exciting thing I’ll be photographing for the next couple days is my apartment and I’ll spare you all the boredom of looking at those photos.  In the meantime I’ll share one from my baby girl’s birthday invitation!

I can’t believe she’ll be turning one at the end of the month and how much my life has changed since she was born.  My photography really took off when I had her and she was the model who was albeit not always willing, but unfortunately for her…unable to run away.  I practiced and practiced and practiced my photography in the first few months of her life.  Then when she was nursing I’d spend hour upon hour just listening to music with her while studying photography sites and books.  I also wanted to send a little “shout out” to everyone who has helped me and my business grow in the past year.

Firstly thanks to my own baby girl who is my constant muse and also my furbaby who was my very first muse until she grew so tired of my photography she barks at my camera now when I pull it out.  Next on the list is my dearest husband, who has helped me by taking care of our baby girl when I needed to work, who has helped me to maintain some level of sanity through all of this (and at times…contributed to my loss of sanity through the process haha!).  I also want to thank all of our parents who have helped with babysitting, lending an ear, helping us out in too many ways to count.  THANK YOU!  I also have to thank our other family members who have let me take photos of their babies and children and use them to build my portfolio and practice and grow even more.  To my friends who have listened, given advice, and laughed with me over the small things I get stressed about and especially to Ewa of Mamique Designs in whom I’ve found a friend I can relate with on so many levels (speaking of which for all you photographers out there…she just today introduced me to actual “Levels” in photoshop which I think will forever change my post processing routine!!!!…What was I DOING?!?!).  Also HUGE thanks to everyone who participated in my portfolio building phase where I was able to collect photos for my site and marketing materials!  WHAT a year this has been and I really can’t wait to see what is in store for next year too!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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  • Eldeen (Mum) - You’re so welcome, it has been a joy watching you, your family and business grow, I am so pround and happy to help in any way you need. Love you!ReplyCancel

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