Who Turned My Baby Into a Toddler?

It has been a long time since I shared photos of my own little baby girl on here (or rather since she let me take her photo hahaha!). There was a phase where she hated me with my camera so I let it be and just took snapshots, but a couple of weeks ago I actually managed to get my little lady to pose for me on a walk in the trails by my house. My friend came along to help and he got her so excited about it she was asking to “pose for da picter” all on her own by the end and choosing where she wanted to sit and everything. Then when she did what I wanted she’d come over and look at the LCD on my camera and scream “YESSSS!!! I did it!!!”. A very proud moment for me, that’s for sure. I love you ladybird! xoxo

Ella’s favourite thing is to find these little rocks and pretend she’s jumping off something huge
Ella Blog

Ella Blog2

Ella Blog6

This is the location and pose she chose all on her own…actually not too bad!

Ella Blog3

Ella Blog5

One I couldn’t resist…a tomboy through and through, just like her mom was at that age…
Ella Blog4

  • Lee - love’d all of these and then got to this one and had a great laugh….you have captured the “beauty” of childhoodReplyCancel

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